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Belli PP 2048 Homes Are Released

The Premium Plus homes are finally available.  PP folks can't pick their lot yet and I suspect many were scrambling to get what they could after a year of waiting :D.  As of July 10 lot choosing will be available, perhaps on new areas. Eventually hopefully everyone will find their perfect spot. 

Most houses are large which is what most folks asked for, but there is one model that caught my eye for those with simpler tastes and wanting lots of outdoor space.  

The lots are double sized of course -- the biggest draw.  This give twice as many land impact points as well as more space away from your neighbor.  House colors can be changed and some are VERY WILD and definitely not what somber and manualist "me" would want to gaze out, but there should be something for everyone.

The them is RANCH and houses are reminiscent of the first traditional builds from 2019.  So mid century and "middle America" is a fair description. 

You can see the area inworld here.  Note that many of these houses are claimed and in the process of being moved into. 


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