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Shop and Hop Birthday Edition 2023 - The Build

Shop and Hop Opens today for Birthday group members and tomorrow for the masses. As always there is plenty to see and tons of gifts to pick up --- but I want to talk about the new build.


Light and airy and minimalist (low lag) and futuristic (this year theme). There are no "bad slots" and lots of windows offering view as opposed to that closed in mall experience. 

Hallways lead from one region to the next and since they are fairly obvious "hallways" I am thinking that the getting lost and turned around issue will be much less. So lots of clapping for the Moles who created this new look.  

Your journey begins today -- or tomorrow. With 400 stores plus 80 in the adult  sims I am thinking entrancing will not be an issue. 

Lots of posts in the queue.  


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