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Coming Soon Shop and Hop SL20B

Are you ready for Shop and Hop?  It won't be long.   Folks are starting to set up in an all new build which -- as I type this -- I haven't seen yet.  It "appears" that the shopping will be a bit calmer this round with  a more streamlined minimalist "event" look rather than the typical "do your own thing" that we think of when remember past sessions. 

The stores still have the same amount of space just not as much choice about what to do with it. All good I think.   There are 400 shops this summer session so "I" will be picking amongst the offerings to show you what I think you would be interested in. Focus -- not unexpectedly -- will be on clothes, hair, jewelry along with home and décor.  

With so many shops and presumably a lot of sims (the map isn't hinting at this yet) I am guessing that entrance won't be an issue. And with the new designs for the stores "lag" will most likely be less also.   

That's my intel.  More reports in a week.   

PS. The theme of the birthday this year is "future" but creators are not held to compliance; I just went with the idea and scoured my inventory LOL. Was fun. 

EDIT:  The new build is GLORIOUS!!! You'll love it!


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