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Mole Magic - 2023 Birthday Celebration Highlights

 With always plenty to see and do, the 20th anniversary birthday bash is underway.   I took a quick trip around some of the official builds and they are impressive.  

My favorite is the Oroborus with a friendly Mother Nature Earth Child vibe.   Most of the official areas have stages so if you plan to take part in the talks and the music you will likely see them all.

The Arboretum is vast and accommodates oh so many avatars. 

Watching the fish is  a perfect pastime while you ae waiting for the events  to begin.

The Mandala speaks once again to nature. There are plenty of peaceful contemplative areas amidst the hussle and bustle of this yearly event. Explore and enjoy the beauty. 

There is a hunt and a lottery and of course Bear Island. 

Have fun!


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