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Generosity - Shop and Hop 2023 - REVISED

Hold on to your hat -- or maybe helmet or sword. TS-Creations is giving away at $3,500 linden gift card.  Honestly I had to blink a couple of times, but yes, tis true.  

EDIT on Saturday Morn : As a reader commented below the gift card has been changed to $1500. It WAS $3500. I can confirm that.  So sometime things change. Best to be quick.   Sorry if you missed it.  

I have never seen a gift as generous.  Think about it. There have certainly been plenty of mesh heads give-aways, but those were single items made as gifts. There have been plenty of "drawings" for gift cards.  But this is a 3,500 gift card that can be used on any item in the store.  No group needed. I didn't check all the prices but my purchase left me with a 300 linden credit. There are a few other styles at the main shop that are not already discounted, but there are plenty to choose from in the very elegant boutique at the event.  

Gorgeous store, finely crafted work and lots of choices (more for the guys even) it is not to be missed. I have had a longtime  interest in the Knights Templar are so my choice was easy.  Rigged for Maitreya and various male bodies depending on the style, there is a resizer built into a color hud and since this basically covers ALL of you, I suspect it will fit most folks. Demos are available.

This is a full set of armor with not all parts shown here. There is a helmet that opens and closes, additional weapons and of course boots. 

Even the demos come packed in a lovely chest that could be used in many fantasy and role play settings. 

There is also a very impressive 64 meter building available. 

As an aside, check out this poster about PBR work in progress.

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_VALENTINE  / front hair~ 

Pose by: Everglow


kt waydelich said…
The Gift Card is for 1,500 NOT 3,500
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks for letting me know. Revised my post. Sadly.
Anonymous said…
Not only the gift card is 1,500L but you cannot buy a thing, really, for that card. Everything is over 2,000. (Post still states 3,500L btw)
Chic Aeon said…
Agreed that in effect it is LESS than half price and you cann't buy anything (that "I" saw anyway). I did update the post on Saturday morning in bold.
"EDIT on Saturday Morn : As a reader commented below the gift card has been changed to $1500. It WAS $3500. I can confirm that. So sometime things change. Best to be quick. Sorry if you missed it."
Topa said…
Hello Chic. Thank you for amazing Blog post i just recive link from a friend. You are right about giftcards... they was 3500 L$... the idea was to anyone can visit my shop and chose what ever they like, and left with some L$ in pocket. I am sorry that i needed to change amount from 3500 to 2250 and end up 1500 Becouse of exploit. People come with 10 difrent alts and transfer everything to one account.. To prevent that i needed to limit giftcard.

Topa Adamski (TS-Creations)
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks for explaining. I have a lot of gift cards that are NOT TRANSFER. I am guessing Missy could explain how to do that for next time. I LOVE my outfit so glad I was wandering during setup LOL. Seems like there must be a better way but I don't use vendor systems so no help at all.

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