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Battle of the Boards

It's amazing what wonderful and sometimes unusual prizes you can win on the boards and in the chairs. Whether you stalk and wait or merely stay alert and aware when you are shopping, a saavy gal or guy can come away with some great items. I took some time with my gal friends this morn. It was show and tell time which is always fun.

My latest wins -- chairs in this case -- were from Agent Orange and Phoenix-Firefall. I love the cocaine crate. Who knows why? It is just quirky enough to tease that inner rebel in me I guess. It goes well in my new stone shack and it has three click through poses. The lucky chair as I noted before is on the top floor next to the freebie room.

My bandages are one of two sets in the current Phoenix-Firefall chairs. The other is a "bloody" version. I added my own blood splatters from >>> moloko <<< . The blood splatters aren't a board win; I'm guessing they were from a hunt some time ago (maybe Halloween?) :D. They may be available in the store, however, should you be in battling mode -- loser style.

Benicia scored perhaps the biggest win by getting the new [BUKKA] leather boots in white. They come in three sizes and you can change the laces colors to other nuetrals. She was over last night when things were fairly calm, but it is definitely crowded now so be prepaired. There are three boards, one with boots. The others hold an ipod and some leather bracelets. Also on B's tally board are TWO tops from WoE, a tank and a hoodie shrug. These aren't new chair items, but they are great additions to your wardrobe :D. Her music bag is from [KUE!] (see below).

Divine also won the fun music bag at [KUE!]. It comes with a nice low priority purse hold that works well with other AOs or at least with Divines *wink*. No purse through your body effects. With a tote filled with goodies, she is ready to shop or hunt or stalk -- well just about any fun activity.

The sharp looking bangles came from the Dark Mouse lucky chair. Some nice earrings are included, but I couldn't get Divine out of her favorite hair so you'll just have to take my word on that. The prizes change in the DM chair so you never know what great surprise is in store.

Poses by LAP.


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