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Dusk to Dawn

My old friend Sami is back with us at Phil's Place after a long absence. I'm hoping she will join my other guy and gal friends from time to time for photo shoots. To that end -- I BRIBED her! I had a gift certificate from the DCNY sim opening, one of the special one only hunt prizes. So I sent her off to shop at Dawn Designs. Here's what she found and what she chose.

First up is a nice freebie called Skulls. The set includes cuffed capris that could be worn sans prims and with boots. There is also a full set of netting tintable leggings, something sure to come in handy from time to time.

click for larger photos

One of her purchases was this super cute and Fallesce argyle mini in charcoal. It comes in lots of other colors I hear including pastels. It's beautifully made and very sassy. Cute argyle bangles are included.

And for casual wear, she got some ripped and patched jeans and a nicely tailored, richly colored blue shirt (available in other hues). It has a skirt layer for the bottom section and comes with a modify prim belt. The detailing is very nice with a pleat in the back and slightly open bottom section; very realistic.

Since her shoe wardrobe leaves room for additions, I told her about the new hit group gift from Studio M'z. She zipped over, joined up and the boots went so well. What a great surprise.

Welcome back!


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