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Skipping in Style #3

My mom used to recite a poem about wearing purple. It started out "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple/With a red hat which doesn't go and doesn't suit me... ". I looked it up this afternoon to find that it was written by Jenny Joseph and was identified as the UK's most popular post-war poem in a 1996 poll by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Go Jenny!

Well I don't have to wait until I get old. I love purple, violet, lilac and all shades between. So I put together a few purple prizes in the Stepping Stones Hunt, added some old favorites and some newness and here is my Skipping in Style #3 post. Post #1 is here and post number #2 is here in case you missed them.

click for larger photo

So Many Styles had a super cute cardigan shrug with sculpty cuffs as part of its prize gift. I used that as my starting point and added the corset and capri tights from the *Sisters* Shroud set. Another shade of that red-blue hue came from my MALT Floral Suede Belt. I even added some purple nail polish (Candy Nail) and changed my eyes to violet (lessthanthree). Give me that purple!

So that I wouldn't go too far over to the dark side *wink*, I balanced the look with the Mya Makes Bank - Cherry hair I blogged recently here.

My you-SO-know-about-these-great-boots-by-now are of course from BAX.

The quirky house in the background also hales from the hunt. Thanks to The Sea Hole for once again coming up with something SO creative. It's not my camera angles that lend the odd sense of perspective, it is the house itself. "drinks Crazy crooked Steampunk-ish House" is lots of fun with angles that are definitely not 90s, winding wooden spiral stairs and a subtle play of shadows and light. It definitely fits in with the "l'll do it how I want" energy of indie style.

Poses by Torridwear and Pffiou.


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