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Orange and Blue

For those of you that missed Color Theory 101 in design school, orange and blue are complimentary colors. That doesn't just mean that they play well together -- lots of colors do. It is a term used to express their opposite positions on a traditional color wheel. To be fair the new group gift from Zenith (in the store by the lucky campers on the second floor) has golds through orange as well as the complimentary blue, but you get the idea. It's bright and it's pretty.

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The Candy Girl set includes one piece, two texture pants with prim shorts and tie belt. The top comes with optional sculpty sleeves and tunic bottom. Benicia journeyed over to Duh! to pick up the bright tennies from the Poppy Hunt, found a X on the lucky chair for Xia and then a wildcard which she jumped on. She also bought a set so she has lots of color and pattern choices now :D.

She wanted to show me her new duds and she also found some cool one prim folded blankets and towels for decorating, so she beckoned me over to Designs By X. The one prim accent items give you lots of decorating bang for you bucks. So if you are need of some inexpensive pizazz for your prim challenged house or apartment, you might want to take a look. They'd look great in our wardrobe cabinet. We just have to agree on a color or two *wink*. This is the main store of the Lemania shop with the very pretty pillows that I blogged here. Those comfy rectangles ( I was greedy and clicked twice ) are now part of my pillowed reading area. Very pretty.

While we were looking at blankets and towels and such a "B" came up on the lucky chair. See the blue wicker set in the photo above -- and Benicia's backside. It's a cute pose, don't you think? She was not very happy about that picture - LOL.

There is a second group gift at the Zenith store. So click on both group vendors if you are in need of some Pretty in Pink style jammies and slippers.

Top pose by Glitterati, wagon pose by LAP.


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