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Not Quite a Lady

A friend of mine who reads this blog has mentioned a time or two that I put things together that make her wonder -- and then smile as they actually do work. Well today is one of those days I guess. Here's the story.

I found this great shirt with long fringe and enough transparency to make you look twice but still keep a PG rating. Not long after opening the box and oohing with delight, I discovered this fun flowered hat from DSN. Could I post them at the same time? Well, of course I "could", the trick was to get an outfit that was actually and OUTFIT!

click for larger photo

I could have gone with the basic black works with everything, but where's the adventure in that. So, I added my light salmon (taupe) leggings from Tuli's last clothing release; they echoed the colors in the flowers nicely. My shoes were also in today's DSN delivery and mixed the white of the leather with little black bows -- how about that? Not only are they cute, I am pleased to report that the shoe fitter is matched nicely to the shoe. The fit on these is excellent; no overly trunkated arches either. Yeah!

My sexy cardigan hales from Demise. The store is menswear and the cardigan is billed as unisex. It comes with various layers so that a tuck in version is a choice. Many of the clothes in the darkly swanky shop could be in the M-F category. Androgyny works too. There aren't a lot of offerings yet in this half sim store, but it looks to me like there are plans -- big ones *wink*.

Shoes by Coriander -- part of the AJM Fashoin Group. Find them upstairs.
Hat from Stitch by Stitch.

Poses by Mela, ANA_Mations, DARE.


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