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It is more than a month away, but mark your calendar for September 18th when wearing plain gray for a day is the goal. This isn't an anti fashion statement, it is effort to improve brain cancer awareness. You can read more here.

Dreams is offering this Plain Gray Tee in all layers at the main store until September 20th. Basic Slacks in dove gray from Pout arrived via DSN this morn and I had an outfit! This balancing pose is one of several in a set called Balance from Posemaster. Black Leather Ankle boots hale from Shoefly.

Where am I? In my Futurehome studio skybox from the Gentlemen Bastards.

click for larger pictures

This great wicker lounge chair for two comes from Copper Sun Designs. Currently in the MM board, you can win it if you are one of the 100 slaps. It looks like other pieces of the set have been and/or might be up on the board in the future; so keep checking back. Trying out the set at the store and digging into your pocketbook for some spare lindens is certainly OK for those with little patience :D.

With two exceptionally nice poses per person and menu adjustments, this would be great on your patio or in your sunroom -- bedroom too.

Wonder is wearing wearing a Rock and Roll Tee from SIOPA. Grab it in a gift bag by the door or in the Fall Fun Hunt pack with other goodies. His new bright Color Change Skater Shoes are part of his expanding collection from Duh!; this version is the Poppy Hunt Prize. I was happy to see that he had on the Elven Hunter hair from Alli & Ali Designs (Black Pearl Hunt). Now you can see how sexy it can be for the male folk *wink*. Those spiffy black jeans are from Juice (previously featured).

That some of the early morning wrap up news.


Sanura Snowpaw said…
This is great thank you for your help in getting the word out. :)

May all your dreams come true,
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*

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