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Fall Fun Hunt #2: Flowers

Frolicking in the flowers is always fun. And with this great sunflower arbor from Seasonal Creations you can have your own end of summer flora. In your garden, at the entrance to your house, even in your store as an eye catching decoration to host new Autumn releases; it all works. 34 prims of beauty to remind us why the pre winter months are some of our favorites.

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My jacket and striped skirt is the prize from Ema's. while the pants in the top photo are the girls version from the Alexohol pack. I'm thinking that jacket would look fine on a guy, so check that out fellas.

Edit: Ema wrote me the next day to let me know there is NOW a top in the box as well as the jacket. So if you were an early bird on the hunt, go back and get that missing piece :D. Gotta love it!

It's no secret that I love belts filled with "stuff", so this picnic belt from [KUE!] is a BIG BIG hit with me. So much fun. I went back to the shop to see what I could find. There are three lucky boards, one with a very cute purse as well as a gumball machine that gives you a random prize each day for a click. I'll be checking on that purse :D. While I was there I signed up on the SOM and received this great sack of baguettes as a welcome gift. My tummy is grumbling :D.

The sunflowers by my front door are one of the prizes from Ruth's Creations.

Is there something for everyone on the Fall Fun Hunt? Probably. Halfway through, I've found more than the usual amount of guy stuff, many home and garden accessories and very little jewelry, hair or shoes. We'll see if the rest of the hunt follows suit.

I was a really good friend and sent my buddies LMs to some hunt locations I thought they'd like. Actually Wonder's tee was transfer, so he didn't even have to find the golden leaf. Lucky boy! So here we all are in the flower field with a group pose from LAP. Benicia's pose ball is entitled, "watch that hand" and she does look a bit startled. Wonder looks a tad sheepish and Divine simply looks divine as she usually does - LOL.

Divine is wearing a cute sweater top with great detailing from Cipria Couture. Her jeans are the version for guys from Alexohol. Wonder's manly in maroon tee is from Another World. Benicia's cute top is one of two versions from JAIRIS.

Top poses Vain and Pffiou. Group shots and flower field poses by LAP.


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