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New Casual Digs

Lots of news in my personal world and I am doing a little happy dance. I have a new home courtesy of Parajen Homes SOM. The textures are to die for. The window curtains actually move in the breeze, AND you can change the movement from breezy to gusty via chat. This is a gift that will remain in the archives for awhile and they encourage new folks to come join and pick it up. So don't be shy.

click for larger picture

The Parajen Stone Shack just fits on a 512 lot with room for front and back yards. A 1024 would be better if you have neighbors with trees that may suddenly appear through your living room walls. It is a good size for small lots as the interior spaces are cozy, but easily navigable. You don't need a ton of furniture (hence prims) to fill it up and the front porch with flower box is simply lovely. Change out your flowers for the seasons. The 62 prims while not thrifty are definitely well used and with such great textures and detailing you really don't need a lot of furniture to make this feel like home. The photos above were taken with natural default lighting so you could see how the light naturally falls on this build. Very lovely.

Edit: This has been removed from the history as of June 3. Sorry. Still a nice place to look for a new abode.

Some new furniture went perfectly with my new house. The extremely nice wardrobe with opening door and drawers comes from the LB at TOKONTYA (thanks Beanie!). Benicia won it this morning while I was busy watching for the last color of the JUNWAVE lucky board hair (whew, I finally got it!).

The book seat was a MM board win from Lyla's Eclectic Furniture. It is still available if you want to get some friends together and slap that board. The animation is lovely and the books are arranged artistically. Use it in your home or as a photo pro

My outfit includes some new releases from Moonshine. The Basic Tees come in lots and lots of fun colors as well as having plain versions as well as a stitched version with detailing on the front. The Candylegs sock are also in the many choices of colors category and come with optional prim droopy bows for the side (very cute). You can wear the socks alone or with the Crochet Stocking (again many color choices). And you could of course wear the crochet stocking (undies layer only) with boots. I'm looking forward to that as well as breaking out some of the bright colored tees. You will definitely be able to spot me in the board watch crowds *wink*.

Basic shorts from E! Eclectic.

Poses by SugarMill and LAP.

This is just a picture I took yesterday as I waited and waited and waited to get the last color of JUNWAVE LB hair. It was the middle board and the one I wanted the most (sigh). There are still tons of folks there watching the boards and this hair seems to look good on just about everyone. Lots of folks are wearing it while waiting to get another color. That tells you something. So zip on over and watch while you work or email or talk on the phone *wink*. Remember these are GROUP boards. This may be the longest running board / chair watch that I have been a part of. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.



Anonymous said…
Went to Parajen Homes and joined subscriber. How do I get the gift?
Arya Braveheart
Chic Aeon said…
Hey Arya. Sorry, I forget not everyone that reads my blog is an "oldtimer" *wink*. Some SOMs do give out gifts when joining. For this one, you need to click the board again and then go to the HISTORY choice when prompted. From there you'll see the notice with the gift. Actually I think there are two with this house, one said it was missing a pillar and so they resent. I couldn't find any difference though. Will send this in world to you also. Cheers.

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