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Prizes Prizes Everywhere

I have so many great new things to show you! My Objects folder overfloweth with bounty. So these will be quick in the studio posts while I get a semblance of order back into my life. I don't want you to miss out while I'm busy sorting.

First up a huge collection of camo togs from ~*~Smashin Fashion. 30 slaps gets this delivered at midnight and there is always tomorrow if the board is filled. The set includes a huge array of mix and match items including leather and fishnet gloves, a very nice camo bra top, tank and shorts, brown pants and more. There are some great looking sets for sale and ON sale so take a gander. Hair with tinted beret from Joyful Designs. Zbooties from MK Fashion. Pose by LAP.

This cute little butterfly shirt is from a 20 limit MM board at The Caproni Stle. The colors change from time to time it seems and a blue one was on the board earlier; now it is back to pink again. This is a great undertop and comes in two layers. It's a bit like being covered and not at the same time -- or, a blouse tattoo in pink. I can't decide but it seems very mix and matchable and you know how I love that! Lots of colors are available at the store including white. Shown with DCNY jeans. Pose by Tuli.

Have you been keeping up with hO wEAr? If not, this extremely cute dolly outfit complete with animated key with particle effects and gray dolly skin (not shown) is the freebie of the day. Lots of fun and very nicely made. Free until 8 pm SL time. You should know the drill by now. Hit that vote kiosk on your way by :D.

Edit: LOL. I left my jeans on when I put on the Dolly outfit. Actually I LIKE the look, but there are no "leggings" with this set, so if you want this look too *wink*, you'll have to add your own.

Busy busy day here.
Time for wine.

I added my all red Dilly Dolls boots which were perfect. Poses by LAP.

Back to unpacking :D


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