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Hunts and All That Jazz

I've been thinking a lot about hunts lately. Are they here to stay? With posters popping up seemingly daily, I'd say that is a given -- at least until the end of the year. Like many folks I went through the hair pulling " too much, too many, too little product" lament. It seems that content creators are catching on of late, and this is good news.

There are shop hunts, sim hunts and grid wide hunts. Each have their followers and their pluses. There are so many these days, hunters can pick their favorites or their themes and still get in half a dozen hunts each month with ease. For those that have hunt madness, there is most always a new hunt somewhere. What seems to have changed is the general quality of goods.

Just like the days of the fifty lucky chairs filled with &#@^, we have had some pretty time wasting hunts in the past. When you toss over 90% of the goods? This is not good. The best hunts get the most press. The better the reviews, the more people that join in. In the end, giving away something notable to 20,000 folks is better than giving away something less than great to a few hundred.


Personally, I never keep everything. I have a wonderfully diverse and large enough for me inventory. So, for me to keep something it needs to be well designed, well crafted and either versatile or so unbelievably different that I can't give it up. Still, I find my inventory growing by leaps and bounds these days despite my best efforts at culling.

This say A LOT. It says that our content creators are getting more skilled. It says they are getting more creative, and it says that they are sharing generously. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing economically? I'm out of that loop now and cannot comment with any first hand knowledge. I do know that many of us work -- whether paid or not, whether profit or debt laden -- to fulfill some creative urge. It could be sharing with folks we don't even know. It could be bringing beauty into our virtual world. It could be fulfilling our personal dreams.

We do it for our own reasons and ones that many folks will never understand.


Unknown said…
Personally I just do the hunts that are reviewed/blogged on "Fashion World of SL" blog/website. I find it weeds out the hunts I probably wouldn't be interested in doing. There's just too many to do and you are right, most of the gifts I end up trashing. It's not that I'm NOT appreciative, because I am. I know designers work hard on their products, there's just no use in keeping something you know you aren't going to use.

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