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Sometimes hanging out means a cup of tea and a plate of cookies with your buddies. Especially if you have a kitchen, but even if you just want to have some folks over for tea in the sandbox (yes, you really can do that -- us prim challenged folks are very creative at times), Belle Belle has a great new group gift out. See the extremely detailed kitchen organizer on my wall? That's it and it is a beauty.

My wonderfully textured jeans with primo cuffs came in a DSN pack this morning. The shop is .hc&co. and the product is "Basic Jeans - Light" which I am guessing means there are other colors to choose from. It's a busy morning for me, but I'll be heading over there soon to take a look around. My Gypsy waistcoat is new from Trubble and is perfect for showing off my colorful new tattoo from last eve. Shoes are corset wedges from She's So Unusual Shoes.

AND -- if you would like more kitchen goodies, you can zip over to the Belle Belle (group) Midnight Board and slap that puppy.

My desk is from the never ending goodies box :D.

Poses by Ana_Mations and Torridwear.


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