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Dark Desires

I'm going to make a guess that most of us don't walk on the wild side all that often in our real world. Should we choose to be "bad girls" in our virtual one, or even if we just enjoy showing off a lot of skin and our latest tattoos, the new releases from Rha! are something to consider.

The Just Doit sets come with many layers as well as a choice between mini skirt and pants. With all that epidermal real estate you can show off your favorite tattoos easily. The outfits come in a large variety of colors to fit your moods. I bet you guessed I chose rust to go with my hair. You are correct! Give the lady a prize.

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The Seduction heels with prim toes come with two HUDS; one is for coloring, the other for sound and AO options. The HUD for skin and toenail change is a bit different than what I have tried before. I'm not sure if the skin color change is easier or not as the match was perfect out of the box. Happy dance here! So ---- I am currently wearing the group gift from Tuli's Hope series in tan. If you are one of the thousands of gals who picked up that gift and tan works for you; you are set.

The color change HUD comes with instructions and works on a RGB system. I did change the toenails from the default red to a pretty pearly pink simply by adding 64 (the largest number choice) to the nail color twice. If you go astray there is an easy "revert to default" button. You need to keep track of the change in your head or on paper so you can match the feet. All in all I found it fairly easy. These fit me the best of any prim toed shoes I have tried, so if you know you are sized similarly, they will likely fit you well.

The shoes come with an optional Boot Fixer which I was eager to try out. You know those poses that you love but the feet are just a mess? Maybe your furniture has some of those and so you look at it lovingly rather than sitting? Well this is supposed to fix the problem, and while my tests were brief, it seemed to do the job. I could see it rearranging the foot to be in the same angle as the leg. I'm guessing that is what the script does. You can buy a HUD for other shoes at the shop. I'm guessing a lot of gals -- especially bloggers and designers -- will like this.

My new tattoos come from KARNIVAL and are in the lucky camper at the satellite store. The overall pattern works well when you want to be understated and show LOTS of skin. I left on my stocking tattoos from the morning and let them blend together for a little extra punch.

My Shibari Tags, the naughty version, hale from Dark Eden. I featured them when they first came out, but this seemed like a perfect outfit for a pairing. The tag I chose says "For Sale" and trust me, that is the tamest of the bunch.

The Alley Backdrop comes from the MM board at Soulless Productions. Finding lots of new boards is one plus of gridwide hunting. This works well with a good angle for realism. It is MOD (Really? Yes!) and so I changed the plain black stage area to the asphalt texture we all have in our libraries. If you aren't a builder, you could easily take copies of this and add your own textures. It comes with a flaming trash can, but I added some old grunge props from my inventory for a personal look.

Poses by ANA_MATIONS, Vain and Luth.


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