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This started out to be a post on new free skins and hair, and it still is; but in the process of taking this photo, I couldn't help but reflect on how different we all all. Each day -- or sometimes several times a day -- we can reinvent ourselves with new skins and hair, outfits and even shapes. We can explore ways of being that we would never try in our real world.

I doubt you will recognize anyone in their new looks, but all are in Tuli skins. The Goth gifts are for the group in case you missed your notices and in the big red mushroom with floating text behind the giant tree. Sami in the middle is in the current Picks gift. Find the reward poster on an easel in the front of the store. The gift is still from June, but if you didn't get it you might want to do that. Who knows when it will be replaced with a new item.

And yes, this was a "come as you are" party. No one changed for the shoot. We're supposed to be looking at their HEADS anyway :D.

Now let's see some close ups and talk free hair.

Benicia was the one that found the hair boards at " D!va ". There are two upstairs in the main shop. There are ALSO TP givers to other satellite shops. She didn't try all of them, but it looks like there is at least one board in each shop. Yeah. And so far they have all been different. So you can zip around and find ones that look like your style. The one she is wearing came from a RYOTAN LAND cart.

This is the lucky board prize from the ""D!va"" store at Marcos Mall. You'll need to fly up and follow your beam to get to the shop. The "Rina" prize comes with a pretty strawberry blond color called Amber, both in the same pack. It comes in versions both with and without the diamonds woven in. Very pretty. This is the current Tuli Picks Reward skin.

And here is a last minute addition, one of the hairs from the " D!va " main shop. Wow. Lots of lucky board free hair today. This version comes only in this Amber color, but in two lengths. This is the longer. The other is an updo similar in style. Meet Dion, Divine's RL sister. And where IS Divine these days? Too much RL is a "bad, bad" thing. *wink*

Xia's hair comes from the lucky board at ++AY.LinE++Ginza. There are two lucky boards. This style comes packed with a variety of lovely colors, so there is bound to be one you like. This is Tuli's Group Gift Goth skin.

Pick your favorites and watch those boards while you do email or read the fashion feeds :D.

And by all means, HAVE FUN!

And as an addendum, Xia had been over to Festivale and picked up the Vagabonds Poop Hunt gift -- along with yet more hair :D. Find the Roadkill Couch easily in the Vagabonds store. It comes with four poses including one along the top of the couch. They are poseballs and not menu but you can hide the balls with the /1hide command. SO glad that is sort of universal. Handy.


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