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Shine On

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For those of you that love those dollarbie hunts at Lemania's, a new one has started. In the August Moon hunt you are looking for? You guessed it, MOONS! The hunt runs through August 31st on both sims - Lemania and The French Farm. The outfits above are my picks of the thirty moons available from Lemania. Everything shown (shoes and backpack) are included in the prizes.

Don't be surprised at the emptiness that abounds at the sims. I am out of the loop, but I know there was a rebuild going on. Lemania's shops are empty at the moment and some of the vendors haven't moved back in yet. While I was checking around the other shops, I came across this lovely free pillow from ~~ Designs By X~~. There are lots of other very nice furnishings here, so come peruse.

Some vendors have their moons out (think tan balls with rocky textures), but I'm guessing others will be added as things get back to normal. There are lots of people in the sim right now but it's not too laggy -- says the gal in her low ARC bandanna hunting attire.

Go forth. Have fun!

Pose stool by Diesel Works. Single pose by LAP.


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