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Legends speak of beings that can transform themselves into animals. Wolves, bears, dragons -- and leopards. Shapeshifting. When I started this post, I had no plan to delve into mythology or science fiction. I was still in my hO wEAr sorceress skin from yesterday. I tried on the shiny picks gift from Prim and Pixel Paradise, and I liked the drama. The neutral matte skin contrasted with the high luster of the Sizzlin' Safari set. It was mysterious; a mask was in order. I had a lovely but ancient (NLA) one in my inventory and it matched beautifully.

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My new BAX boots were a perfect addition. A couple of clicks and matching gold trim appeared. I was getting that sorceress thing down pretty well *wink*. A mysterious cavern was a perfect spot for photos and as I turned and twisted in the dim light, I did indeed begin to believe that some of the leopard was in me.

Now, I don't plan on wearing this skin often. It is difficult to photograph and most likely not in many reader's comfort zones. Still it was fun. And while my new Prim and Pixel Paradise dress will mostly likely look just as wonderful in a club, it was fun to let my imagination take flight. The outfit also comes with a black netting mini skirt and a long gown length skirt. Textures weren't loading for me this morning so you get to see this version. It is my personal fave.

Hair by Exxess. Poses by Torridwear and LAP.


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