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Sophisticated Lady

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Just a quick post before I go off to dreamland :D. I did finally get over to .hc&co., home of those great jeans I blogged this morn. While I was chatting with the owner/designer Heather Connolly, a wildcard came up on the lucky board and Heather was nice enough to alert me. I was busily typing as I sometimes do and completely missed that happy "?"s arrival.

I of course was VERY cool and didn't mention that I had left myself there earlier so that I could watch the board -- LOL. Ah vanity. The dress is super cute and sways like soft silk when you move. The style is feminine enough to remind you why you like being a girl, and the print is classic enough to remind you that being a "woman" is even better.

So drop by the 10 minute board from time to time and see if your letter comes up. Here's your TP.

Shown with some of my own bangles -- soon to be yours if you'd like when I reach that 1000th post in a few days. They are just part of a goodie box I have made up for you guys. I hope you like it.

Shoes by Juicy, hair by Tiny Bird (poop hunt), poses by LAP.


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