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On Stage

On stage. Spotlights with thousands of fans or a smoky lounge with a loner, many of us have wanted to be there. You can be one step closer with this cute free guitar from Mehndi. The double beaded black bracelet hales from the same shop. Rumor is that a new furniture dollarbie will be out today, and a pretty hand tattoo is also available. The guitar comes sized for guys, but a tiny bit of prim editing on the strap had it fitting me just fine.

My new boots (please note that the red laces coordinate with my guitar) are from the Studio M'z lucky chairs. A white version of the same boots is yours if you find the watermelon. I added shiny leggings from MALT. a black fur bolero from sf design and my outfit was complete. With great new hair is from JUNWAVE and a stylish belly tattoo from .:CoLLisions, I am working my way towards stardom.

Leaving the stage for a bit. I need to go practice that guitar.

Poses by LAP.

Epilogue :D

When I trekked over to .:CoLLisions, I found this clever tattoo set complete with latex glove giver *wink*. So much fun, I just had to show you. The designer? Akasha Wachmann of Delirium.


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