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Primly Perfect

It's late in my world, but I decided to do a bit of catch up and ventured over to Prim and Pixel Paradise. I hadn't been there for awhile and was thinking of signing up on the Picks Reward. That I couldn't find, but in my wanderings I did find this gorgeous dress. So, since I was in a reminiscent mood, I zipped over to The Far Away -- a place I hadn't seen for a long while. While the genre didn't match all that well, the theme of revisiting was in my mind. And it was late and I was sleeeeeeeepy.
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This Ruby Royal is a lovely outfit. The colors are intense and the patterns both bold and delicate. I have no idea how long it is out for, so visit soon. Ah yes, I forgot to mention it is free!

Edit: The picks reward board is now on the second floor HERE.

Poses by LAP and Luth.


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