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Take Me To Your Tent!

When serendipity steps in, I almost always pay attention! Here's the story.

I was hunting for gold leaves when a "C" came up on a nearby lucky chair. I jumped on; I almost always do - LOL. When I got up another "C" appeared and then a third. OK. Are we paying attention? All three prizes were different. All three looked very nice AND there were folks watching the chairs and congratulating me. I was of course intrigued. And yes, eventually I found the leaf.

I don't often blog silks. Most of the time I feel too naked. I have no idea WHY that is, but I do. These were not only lovely, they covered me up enough that the sans panties idea wasn't so much of a big deal. Both silks and kirtle sets came with really lovely flower jewelry and accessories that could easily enhance more mainstream attire. Add that I won a Moroccan tent with furniture the same day? A post was definitely in order.

The silks are from Roawenwood: Design and Craft's three 30 minute lucky chairs. Some pewter bangles and floor pillows are also prizes. The Royal Monaco Open Air Tent is from Gorean Trading Goods. The tent has been replaced with clothes today (five MM boards in all), but you might want to check back regularly in case it appears again. It came with a lot of very nice furniture which is also available at the store. The textures remind me of my times in Morocco and that's a good thing :D. Thanks to Rana for the tip on this.

Poses by Pffiou and MALT.


Imagine my surprise when I was wandering aimlessly on the web and came across your post with a picture of the silks & the kirtle I just put in the lucky chairs pictured! I near fainted.

I'm flattered that you posted about them, and wow... you got both sets right off! Honestly, I'm always very humbled when I see someone blogging about my stuff, thank you very much for your comments. I adore feedback and find it rather interesting that I just happened to find your blog.

Well wishes, and I hope you like what you found in the little leaf just as much. *smiles*
Chic Aeon said…
Man you guys are definitely faster than I am this morning. I was just sending you a notecard and will still do that. You do lovely work. I am happy that the Universal Hand lead me to you and you to my blog. I'm guessing something mysterious is in play here *wink*. I haven't opened the leaf yet. I have a huge pile and I am doing my objects folder and designer items first. I did try on the bracelets and they are very nice and versatile. Yeah! Thanks so much. It's good to lose our preconceived notions now and then.
LOL I noticed -after- I posted a comment that you had just posted this today. I got your notecard, thanks so much, that was a nice touch.

The leaf isn't clothes (*gasp* oh no! lol), I try to make hunt items more unisex or have different things so no one feels left out. One of the biggest complaints I hear about hunts is that people focus a lot on women, and female clothing.

Soooo... I try to avoid that a wee bit.

Thank you again, and good luck sorting through it all. *chuckles*

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