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Not Quite A Kitty

You don't need to be a Neko to enjoy wearing this Fed Up Neko outfit from Smashin Fashion. The nineteen piece set comes complete with feet, tail and ears. For those of us that seldom meow, there are still plenty of details. Ropes, hypos and things I have no clue about add to the fun of this ensemble. I especially love the backpack. The prim parts are touch resize and with a few magical clicks, fit me very well. You can make the prim parts smaller which is always a relief. Yeah!

click for larger photos

There are lots and lots of top options from almost naked to very covered. A nice tummy tattoo comes with the set. I'm saving that to show you in an upcoming tattoo post.

My hair is Carmina in Media Noche from Simply Britnee. Just out today I believe; try out a demo in the shop and see if it's "you" :D.

Poses by KS Creations.


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