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August Rush

Is there a rush? Well yes and no are both correct answers. First up A-Bomb has this really darling new release called No More Words. It comes with slouchy prim collar and sleeve tops -- old fashion mod so you can make them really fit (yeah!). Optional sleeve extensions repeat the skully pattern near the hem. The capris have prim cuffs, but boots could easily be another option. The outfit is $75 through Sunday for any color. But wait. It gets better. There is a Blue Sale going on. All blue items (or color change shoes that have blue as an option) are $25 through Sunday. So if you love blue, get your patootie down to the shop and pick up a bunch of new wardrobe additions.

I added basic clogs from Duh!, my favorite Ticky Tacky hoops, and my Marlon Brando hat from *Aleida*.

OK, here's some really important news. You see how well that hat fits? You see the cute curls peaking out from under that perfect fit? The hair comes attached to the hat, of course. Well doesn't it? Nope. It does NOT.

Surprise! This is the new hat hair from sf designs. Not only does it come in four colors and sized for both gals and guys, it comes with a fedora with color change band. And --- and --- it is the FREEBIE for August. Many of us avoid hats simply because the hair is such an issue. I have home made "hat hair" which is fine. But honestly, it has little style. This is shiny and soft and simply great. I was SO surprised when I tried on what I thought was the hat to find my head crowned in these lovely locks.

Anyway, you need this. It solves so many problems and the fedora is a great look with everything from Annie Hall menswear to leather corsets and fishnet. So zip on over to sf design and pick up your great gift. You have until the end of August, but don't forget.

Poses by LAP.


Chic Aeon said…
Well I guess I don't need to send YOU a "you have been featured" this morning :D LOL.

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