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Eclectic Newness

E! - Eclectic has some great new basics out this month. The Gothic Lace Vests and Shirts come in many colors and lots of layer choices. In the photo above I chose an undershirt layer for the long sleeved shirt and topped it with the vest. A touch of lace on the vest neckline gives a hint of girlish charm.

It's probably no surprise that my personal favorites include the tailored shirt with the low neckline. It's perfect for showing off jewelry such as my Parvati necklace from Rhiamon's Realm. Add a saucy mini skirt (mine is from the Covet dress at Pout) and some of the new capri fishnets and you have yet another look. You can even wear the fishnets alone if you are a brave gal. You won't get arrested; I promise. Make up your own look with the mix and match items new this month at E! - Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.

While "eclectic" isn't part of the store name, we all know that She's So Unusual Shoes is just that. You are bound to find something to fit your style there. For me, it's these super sexy open toed wedgies called Magellen Corset. The lacing is so cute and the perfect touch to a plain outfit.

The hugging pose (Cold Winter) is from a new to me pose maker shop, ESSENTIAL SOUL STUDIO N POSES. Others are from LAP.


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