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Royalty MM Style

Have you ever wanted to be royalty? Well you can be a prince of Egypt and you wont need to empty your country's coffers for this dramatic outfit. Legends of China has this costume on its Midnight Mania board today. It has already paid out once (thanks!) and is starting up again.

This set is transfer so gals can go click for their significant others or friends if they like. There is a huge selection of RP costumes in the shop, so be sure and peruse a bit after you get your click in. The outfit includes a shoulder capelet as well as complex shin guards.

A word of warning. This outfit is NOT mod and there is no click to resize. The girdle wasn't big enough for Wonder. You can see some love handles showing through a bit if you look closely *wink*. So you might need to adjust your shape a bit. There are many parts that will fit however and you might be able to mix and match with another outfit.

So go forth and explore. Wonder and I are off for a skin shopping expedition. He may have a new look the next time he graces these pages. We'll see if he finds something that he feels comfy in. I can only prod :D.

Pose by LAP.


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