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Fall Fun Hunt #1: Blacks

First, a little philosophy before I tell you about the shot above. These are my personal favorites. I'm not planning to show you all the items, or even all the good - worthy - nice - you might like 'em goodies in the hunt. My shining stars may not be yours. Still, I am guessing that since 67% of you are return folks each day (yeah I have stats now), you must like some of the things I do - LOL. Along with these first items, I have a few that will make it into other posts. And yes, some will definitely be just for the guys.

I'm working with themes these days. It's more challenging for me and hopefully more exciting for you to read. So I'll be handling the hunt prizes in that same way.

click for larger pictures

The dramatic shadowbox painting is from DragonLady Designs @ Artworks Gallery. Modern and statement making with a great wall shadow; it can enhance your home, work as a photo prop -- or both! Simply click to resize for larger or smaller spaces.

I love this Emo Dress from !Siopa. Short, neutral, sexy, fun and DIFFERENT! Yeah! It is my favorite in a very generous gift pack of nice goodies including a cute pastel mini and something for the guys you'll be seeing later.

The Earth Jewel - Imperio Links Bracelet made my fav list for a few reasons. First it is very versatile. Second, it resizes beautifully and easily. Third it has a PICTURE color change HUD. Just get that baby up on your screen and see the many color change options. No more guessing what "green 2" might be *wink*. Gold stars for technology.

One of several very nice tattoos in the first third of the hunt, these Vine leg tattoos from Emi'z Tatz come in all bottom layers including socks. There is a second vine on the back of the opposite leg so you are fashionable both coming and going. Again, stars in my book for being both well done and different. This could be a way to test out those tattoo waters.

My hair and shoes and not part of the Fall hunt, but they were free :D. The Bozena hair is only one color of many in the August *Dark Mouse* SOM gift. There aren't any archives, so get on the list this month in order to receive next months prezzie.

Double straps with buttons trim these adaptable charcoal Jane Heels from Wishbox. Slap that MM board and get yourself a pair. They are still available.

Poses by Torridwear and Vain


Emily88Lane said…
aw ty ty :)
So glad you liked my tattoo :)

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