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Musicality & Hunting for Guys

You still have a few days to get to the Black Keys Hunt. I finished (in my version of if I can't find it I move on ) the other eve and have to say that there are some super prizes. This oversized hat from Tweedle was by far my personal favorite. So fun and so creative. The piano keys play and particle notes appear as if by magic. I definitely feel like a Mad Hatter :D.

Alas, Tweedle is closed and the landmark leaves me flaying in the air. That doesn't mean kudos should be forgotten however. So let's all clap a bit for TommyTom Jun, who has made a few of us smile. Here's hoping Tweedle 2 will arise from the ashes with even more wonderfully fun designs.

If you love this hat as much as I do, you can find it HERE. No hunting necessary. Thanks to TommyTom and Mikayla Ares, organizer of the Black Keys Hunt for making it available to us all.

The musical note prop comes form Khargo and includes a long animation and shadow. My outfit is the GUY prize from Cutie Honey. In my previous post I mentioned that there seemed to be few items for men in this hunt. Happily I can report that there were many more towards the beginning. Some stores with men's items include ++AY.LinE++Ginza (hair), *Dreams* (Tees), Cat Crap (black star hightop sneakers), Iced (necklace), Goth1co (outfit posted yesterday, Another World (tee), Kissed By Lithium (tee and jeans), Alexohol Fashions (board shorts and sports tank). And I'm sure there are others that I missed. So go forth guys, you only have a few days left.

Special thanks to Sterling Artistry for the black texture pack which I hope to be using soon :D.

Top pose by Vain.

Still in my Hope Goth skin from Tuli's new release.


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