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Elusive Black Pearls

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Difficult to find at times but worth the effort, the Black Pearls offers intriguing themed prizes to those who search with patience.

With the Fall Fun Hunt under my virtual belt, I began the quest for pirate and merfolk goods. While the mission was difficult at times, the bootie (that's pirate talk for things found - not my tush) was pleasing. Shown above is one of two large seating shells from C&D Designs. The other is for mermen of course. Three poses and a click to close for privacy, makes this a homey abode for denizens of the sea. My mer hair is from Alli & Ali and actually called Elven Hunter Hair. It comes in a dozen dark colors and is unisex. Whether land or sea, guy or gal -- it flows beautifully.

My lovely merfolk outfit and AO is from Atargatis. I had an occasion long ago to wear a mermaid outfit and couldn't find one I was impressed with. This is just beautiful and the AO works well. Swimming was never so much fun!

This is the guy outfit called Stranded Steve is from Smooth Designs (at this location). I'm sure it would look better on Wonder, but the pearl alluded him. The outfit comes with scripted sword as well as the one I am wearing. Earrings are included.

And this is the Mary Jo outfit in black from Smooth Designs. So very cute! Different and fun, I love those legging socks! Well I pretty much love it all. You can find versions of these outfits as well as many other styles near the landing point. Look for the cut out models and plan for Pirate Day. Shown with boots from ShoeFly.

Poses by LAP.

If you enjoy adventure and challenge, head out to the Black Pearl Hunt, follow the Xs and find the clamshells with the pearls. It isn't the easiest of hunts, but some of the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Good hunting!

Afternoon Edit: The pearls were a bit easier to find in the middle section of the hunt. I'll be finishing up soon and posting more photos.


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