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Black and White

Hunts appear to be here for the duration, or at least until the end of the year. After running out of Gossip Girl DVDs last eve, I picked a random starting place in the Black Keys Hunt and began my explorations.

Many of the stores in this black and white themed hunt are in upcoming ones. If you are a hunt junkie you won't be without a fix, that's for sure. Doubloon Hunt, Demonology Hunt, Addiction Hunt, Twisted Hunt and the Freaky Fall Hunt -- GLBT, Dr. Seuss, STEAM, Mother Daughter, Game Day and Macabre take place in September with the GLBT starting tomorrow. Whew! I have no plans to do all those hunts, but I will try to at least sample a few.

click for larger photos

The outfit above takes some pieces from my favorite prizes in the Black Keys Hunt to make a new look you probably haven't seen.

My necklace (Love it!) comes from Twisted and Spoiled. The sexy stripey shoes are part of the same prize package. A cute dress comes as a bonus!

Shades of gray flowers cover this bold corset top from Crush My Hopes, a new shop to me. It comes with matching panties and nylons. The panties have an extremely nice cut and the nylons have a bold flower pattern.

My black buttoned mini is part of a dress from DivaLicious. Its sculpty skirt piece fits me very well and it is sure to be a basic piece of my wardrobe. The prize top is bright red with a sculpty collar.

You can start the Black Keys Hunt at any of these shops. From my 30% sampling I would say that the hunt is harder than some, basically because the prize vendor (a small set of piano keys) is in fact SMALL. It also blends in well with most anything. Some shops have made it as obvious as possible, but discovery of others take some close camming. If you love to really HUNT, this is for you. If not, find some hints or take some friends. The last third of the hunt is geared toward the ladies; I can't report on the places I haven't been :D . Sorry guys!


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