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Poop Hunting?

The second annual Poop Hunt doesn't officially start for a couple more hours, but I wasn't the first one here when I arrived about nine. It's wild and funny and I yelled greetings to a few folks I knew even though I had no idea where they actually were :D. My pooper scooper and bucket (following photo) are from last year's hunt, but Dove assured us there would be new ones out in a bit. You can hunt without your accompanying paraphernalia of course. Latex gloves from a tattoo chair might come in handy here. *big wink*

You are looking for a few things, not just one. Brown "soft serve ice cream" poop with red bows as well as toilet paper with either red or yellow bows. There is actually one hot pink pile of poop and while I have a huge list of goodies in my recent tab, there are plenty more that I didn't find. So there might be something else containing prizes. Just mouse over anything poop related :D.

This isn't really a hunt; it is more of a gathering. There is so much poop and paper that it would be difficult NOT to pick up a lot of goodies. Most are out in the environs, but some are in the stores. I have only just begun to open my packages and they will need to wait until tomorrow, but I wanted to alert you to the party.

There are clothes of course and poses and hair as well as jewelry and furniture. I LOVE this Kissy Kissy hair. It is one of many from Tiny Bird. My very cute dress is from Chikka Design and the poses are of course from LAP. The pose above is called Bright Light So Pretty. There is a pack for "chubby" gals (which fit me perfectly) and a pack for guys too. Yeah!

Get on over to Festivale and have some fun. You have a week.

Chic out :D.


Dove Swanson said…
Haha, I love that you took a pic with Pappy Poop!

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