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Exploring the beauty of other cultures is part of the Diversity Hunt. There are different colored paths to follow in the search for colored angels. I chose the red path -- items for gals.

One of my personal thrills in my self made blogging job is finding new lesser known stores. When I came upon Vlintuition at Bejaia Far East Market, I was pleased to discover designs a bit different.

click for larger photos

The Qipao outfit includes several sculpted skirts. Both mini and maxi styles are represented as well as a choice of narrow or wide hips. The textures are lovely and feel like silky satin; the sculpty parts are old fashioned mod so you can adjust individual pieces as necessary. Prim collar and frog buttons add an extra touch.

While the dress looked great as a mini, I wanted something a bit more -- well let's call it Urban. Many of us Westerners admire the styles of other cultures, but most of us shy away from things too different. Meeting in the middle is a good start.

In my attempt to make this lovely outfit more Western mainstream, I added my favorite leggings from MALT. (Yes, you've seen them often and here they are again.) Scorpio hair from Exxess added to the exotic feel without getting too far onto the traditional side of the road -- a difference with flare. Sorrow Sparrow Earrings from ROMP (currently in the MALT village it seems but I can't find a direct SLURL) and shoes from Bellissima completed my outfit.

Look for a red-orange angel.

Poses by Vain, LAP and Tuli.

The traditional Pink Kimono by Nekomimi is very lovely and flows well. The prim parts are hand mod and there are a tremendous amount of obi and collar choices. Geta sandals are included. Sorry, my hair is a long ago and far away prize and almost surely not available.

Pose by Tuli.

Beware that some of the angels on this hunt have been made VERY small. That being said, go forth; the hunt is a short one :D.


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