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Skipping in Style #1

When I started opening my boxes from the Skipping Stones Hunt I was VERY pleased. You see, I had this plan -- it was a good one. I was going to faithfully open all the boxes and bags and then put together some indie mash ups for you. Now my version of indie may not be your version and I guess that's the point. You have your own look and that is how it should be!

What I did want to accomplish (and this is still part of my intent) is to show you how well so many of these items go together. And of course I wanted to highlight some of the many great creative designs in this hunt.

I didn't get too far with that box opening before I had several complete looks and some starts on others, so I'm tossing out Plan A and doing my independent nature thing. Here is the first installment of what may be a long set of posts. I hope you enjoy them.

click for larger photos

My Stars in a Tube - Carnation top is the longer version of two from #27 [Miseria] .

I added the #9 .::Tyranny Designs::. At the Drive in- Skirt and a great hat and hair from #13 Inorite (lots of colors in the pack).

#20 (epoque) Double-Bridge Logo oversized shades definitely announce that I am not to be messed with even if I am wearing the cutest hot pink and white hoops and bangles from #10 *1-800-Betties* .

My pink Bubble Tea is one of the many "wear me" items from #19 -RC- Cluster. Love those props. This one has a great little animation with it :D.

My two not from the hunt items are my PasDeDeux-T tights and my brand new BAX Prestige boots. These are the white version so I did change! I even made the trim match the tube top using the RGB code. Pretty easy. We like easy.

Poses are by Torridwear and LAP.


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