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Watercolor Blues

Ivalde is having her third rez day. Woot! And to celebrate there is a lovely new dress on the second floor of the shop. You can't miss it :D. It comes with a two toned skirt which I am pretty sure you will be seeing a dozen times or more on the feeds. Being in independent mode (a state fairly normal to me) I decided that I'd dress it down in jumpsuit style to show off the lovely bright colors and to highlight a few of my favorite new things.

Some you have seen my bright blue sweatshirt before, but in a different setting. My Young Urban hoodie is from the Skipping Stones Hunt and was featured here. While that was a fun shoot, I do so like my tummy back to a normal size. One reason why this jacket is so appealing to me is the openness of the zippered front. You can say so much with what is underneath and the hoodie can tie it all together.

My other previously feature item are the Venus boots. It was actually their sister style that was featured in this post. These new A-Bomb lovelies have platform soles. I chose the chunky heels and a bright teal to coordinate with the colorful hues of print. Lots of fun!

click for larger photos

The major newness of this post, besides Ivalde's natal day giftie, is this super cool basket from -RC- Cluster and the Skipping Stones Hunt. I loved it from the first minute I saw it but coordinating items were illusive, until this eve. The basket opens to the touch and shows all sorts of fun foodstuff inside. It is meant to be carried and at over 50 prims you will most likely concur on the plan.

My difficult to see earrings are from Dark Mouse. You'll have to trust me that they are perfect accompaniments for the rest of the outfit.

Poses by LAP.


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