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Bella Donna

Today's hot new lucky chairs -- 16 of them -- are at Umi Usagi and this Bella Donna dress is one of the prizes to be had. It comes with many more roses should you be at the flashier end of the styling spectrum. Shoulder straps with roses, shoes with roses and gloves with roses were all options. Xia is a fairly low key kinda gal. Instead of all the prim roses, she chose the rose gardens for our shoot; natural is good -- in her book anyway. Whether you want to deck yourself with roses or hang out among them, this is a very pretty outfit.

While there are plenty of folks stalking those chairs, there is a skill level to these prize givers which makes it a contest. It's not simply who has the fastest connection :D. The boards are placed around pillars with some being WAY up there. Camming skills are definitely necessary as you need to watch all sides of both pillars to catch the ever changing 5 minute boards.

click for larger photos

Xia chose some red heels from Tesla and added her new butterfly tattoos (lucky board) from Fallen Angel. How will you wear this if you are a lucky winner?

This cute rabbit phone is one of the other prizes. Animated brightness adds to the fun.

Need a natural place to sit or dream? This one prim leaf chair / bed with two poses is the final prize in the threesome.

Xia's poses by ANA_Mations.

Here's your TP to Umi's.


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