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Well I definitely can't keep up with Benicia today and I have things to unpack from hunting last eve --- Humph! But I love finding fun new shops and definitely qualifies. The items are on posters with demos and fatpacks clearly marked. The single items are on hangers or in stacks by color. So cute and the white walls show everything off very nicely. There aren't that many places where you can try before you buy, so this is a plus for sure. There are a bunch of very nice free items out including the set shown above. The free bikini (swim or undies) with cute back and great lines comes in four colors and includes a semi sheer white tee coverup -- great for lots of wearing options.

click for larger photo

Hair is a big draw here and it is indeed very nice nice hair. Demos are "natural" with no odd colored prims. Instead you get a red clown nose, fangs or mustache - LOL. The color packs are luscious looking too, so later exploration is definitely called for.

A basic cami (tintable) is another of the gifts. Three bright colored wide belts complete the cornucopia :D. The belts are not resize and Benicia is wearing the largest size so these are for svelte avatars. VERY pretty though.

If you haven't been to, come on down. The shopping is definitely fun and easy -- and we like that. The gifts are in small boxes on three shelves in the middle of the store. Follow the beam from the landmark above.


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