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Skipping in Style #2

This is the second installment of my indie mash ups from the Skipping Stones hunt. See part one here.

How did this happen? Oh my!

If you are up on your indie movies, you probably recognize my tribute to Juno, a sassy and witty teen who gets knocked up. The Funny Juice takes the place of the "Sunny D" she downed in an effort to complete several pregnancy tests. The minute I saw the juice upstairs in the freebies section of -RC- Cluster, I knew I'd do this post. The juice isn't part of the hunt, but the store is on the tour, so I'm counting it!

click for larger photos

The rest of my outfit is all from the hunt. My hoodie is a product of the Young Urban shop. I hadn't visited them in awhile so it was fun to peruse. My pants, wrist cuff and flexi pocket bandanna come from .:Addict:. and my tee is from the Caulfield Dress set at This is a Fawn. The bottom part of the cool boots from Duh! worked perfectly for le look. Topping my slightly worried head is you say tomato - coffee and cream hair from Clawtooth by Clawtooth.

The shabby chic couch in the background is from NachtMusik: a Dandy shop. At only nine prims I can actually keep it around and use it. Yeah! I love the shape and the texture. My stone shack is looking pretty spiffy these days. The retro couch comes with two poses, both shown here.

Poses by LAP.


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