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It's no trick of the eye or slight of hand that has these new BAX Prestige boots fitting like one of a kind, custom made shoes. With a revolutionary menu system that lets you adjust both boots and invisiprims, it is simply the next generation of footwear. I honestly can't say enough about these boots. The menu has a LOT of buttons, and at first it was a bit daunting, but the instructions were very clear and I had no problems at all. When the fitting is done you can even click a button that has the parameters appear in the chat window. Copy them to a notecard and you can use the code on your next pair of Prestige Boots.

Once you have the boots fitted, you can play to your heart's content. The boots have cuffs that can be rolled down (photo above) or up to make over the knee style. They can be plain with no cuffs as shown in the top picture and there are even two shades of denim cuffs for more casual outfits. The trim can be changed to preset colors. If you are more adventurous, you can have any color trim you desire. Want puce? How about chartreuse? You can type in the RGB values of any color as well as change the various parts to different colors -- separately. It is all very amazing.

Overlooking all that the boot DOES, the best part is the look. They are sleek, sexy, soft, supple and the details are amazing. You really need to see for yourself.

click for larger photos

While I of course will put on a few more layers of clothing before heading out, I also wanted you to see this SweetLainy lingerie set from Bebe Doll. It is so cute! With just a touch of retro and some very nice detailing, it's simply a shame to hide it under other clothes. So, it's just you and me -- boots and undies, in my studio for a show and tell photoshoot. Two styles of side bows come with the set, but I'm a simply gal and I often think less is more, so no bows tonight, sweetie :D. I will have that glass of champagne though!

That's my late night report. Happy shopping!

Poses by LAP, Vaink Deisel Works, Torridwear.


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