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The State of Chic

My 1000th post is coming up next month, and yes, for those of you wondering, there will again be presents. Even if I no longer have my shop, I still remember my skills *wink*. I was thinking back on my 500th post at the end of February and marveling at how much things have changed in my life and on my blog.

If you've been one of those faithful readers who open up Chic at Phil's Place each morn while they down their coffee and maybe a croissant (OK, corn flakes count too) you've seen some changes in the last months. Even those who just peruse on the feeds, may have noticed. I've given up my "go here, get this" posts in favor of more themed features. These are certainly more fun for me to do and from the comments and IMs I receive a lot of you like the new approach.

Bloggers Appreciation week was a special time for me and I met many new designers who I admire and who now send me releases. This means that you get to see some luscious, just on the market outfits and find some new favorite designers of your own. I often have a full folder of "to be blogged" items and a long to do list. I also have a folder of people who would like me to feature them again sometime soon. This is SO cool! So thanks to all the designers who are helping me (and you) explore the variety of SL (R) Fashion.

Busy is great. No complaints from me. What I do have to give up sometimes is exploring. I don't have much time to hunt, and so my hunting in the future will most likely be of the "popular" hunts. There are some GREAT hunts coming up in the next month or two, so I am not giving up on them -- just narrowing my focus a bit.


For anyone still reading this, THANK YOU! There is no point in all the photography and key strokes if there is no one seeing the work. I am happy with my stats and I'll post a summary of them at the beginning of September. A big hug to those of you that come here daily and a warm hello to all the new folks that stop by.

Designers and hunt organizers:

You do not need to be afraid to send me you info or samples. You will never get a negative "review" here at Chic's. If I don't think my audience will be interested , they will simply disappear from my inventory. If you would like your designs back, that's perfectly OK with me. My inventory has expanded by 50% in the last couple of months and I clean my closet often. So personal booty is not my goal. I bet you've guess that.


While no poses were used in this post, I want to thank all of you great gals and guys for doing what you do and making us look good in whatever we choose to wear.


Anonymous said…
I want to thank you for this blog. It is an invaluable source of great freebie info for me!
For me it is dinner time reading as I am in New Zealand, but I look at the blog each day and enjoy heading off to look at all the awesome stuff you blog about! I like that you include clothes, furniture and skyboxes! Fun!
Keep up the awesome work
Arya Braveheart

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