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Time Limited Goodies

Here are a few items of note that you need to get like lickety split! Both the cute top and the very nice short boots are A'Bomb's free items in the Sn@tch City hunt. There are also two items in douche bottles to purchase. They are easy to find and inside the A-Bomb store. The skirt is one of many, many prizes from Sn@tch :D.

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There are simply tons of prizes -- both free and to purchase in the two sim complex. They are easy to find and wandering will get you a truckload of items to go through. I found quite a few that I recognized, so if you are an old timer and a Sn@tch - Retox fan, you may already have some of these gifts. But if you are a young resident or new to Sn@tch, they will likely be discoveries to YOU and that's what counts.

The A-Bomb top comes in three layers with the jacket choice being full length with ribbing.

Other favorite finds at Sn@tch City were these cute rose choker and corsage from Harlot. I believe the colorful bottle was very close by the store :D. Also shown above are one of several "bloomer" sets (I'd call them leggings) from Vth Column . The pack comes with both layers, two colors of striped legging as well as two sets of boxers which work for girls or guys. And the stripes? They really, really match on the sides. Something you don't find that often *wink*.

The Douche Hunt runs through the 31st.

The tattoo above is not from the Sn@tch hunt but out today for free until about 7 pm at Saint Of Ink. Find it in a giant vendor in the middle of the store. It is lovely.

All the poses shown here came from Posemaster, a new shop. So stop on by and take a look around. Most of the current pose sets are action themed.


Anonymous said…
Oh where's the cute hair from? M
Chic Aeon said…
See this earlier post :D

Comes also in blond.

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