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Ice Cream Colors

Two new hot lucky board prizes and some gifts for the weekend here. You've no doubt seen the = Hal*Hina = lucky board hair. I've certainly seen the ad posters :D. Well I'm here to tell you it is just as lovely as it looks. Two colors, brown and blond in two lucky boards. The numbers change ever 2 minutes so you have to have friends on speed dial if you want to tp them in *wink*.

The peachy outfit comes from the *LFS*=Lycee feelings shop=. The LB is five minutes there. It comes with a choice of layers as well as a top with toys in the pockets. An optional bow can be worn on the front strap.

My studio props are yet MORE items from the pack mentioned in this post. I'm definitely like a kid in a candy store.

And if you are into cutie girl accessories, be sure and pick up this ice cream backpack from :::[NEEDFUL THINGS . Find it in a default prim size box with descriptive photo on the ground floor of the shop.

Top pose by LAP.


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