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Rocks in the Pond

Are you ready?

The Skipping Stones Hunt starts tomorrow. With some of my favorite stores in the mix and a few new ones I am looking forward to exploring, it is bound to be a great time. I am personally excited as this is definitely my style of stuff *wink*. Billed as a "curated hunt focusing on stores with an indie/eclectic/bohemian vibe" and seeing some of the Flickr pictures, I was already there -- at least in spirit. I may skip the first day excitement, but I hope to get to all the stops and find most of the goodies before the hunt is over the 24th.

In case you are a bit unclear what indie style is all about, I did some research for you. The Urban dictionary defines indie style (note there are frequently no capitals -- I mean, REALLY!) as
a mixture of other styles, layered to create something somewhat original with each person.

However it is defined, I love the look. So if you do too, I'll see you there. The starting point is the Kunstkammer Main Store in Emmelia, always a fun place to visit!


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