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Old and New

Comfort comes from familiarity. Excitement is spawned by newness. Put them together and you have --- exciting comfort? familiar newness? However you mix your metaphors in the cauldron of style, it's sometimes rewarding to combine the new with the old. Favorite items get a chance at a different look; currently fashionable finds meld into our virtual closets.

Sey has a new striped mini dress in the lucky board. It won't be there long, so don't procrastinate. The dress comes with a great sculpty collar that includes the open placket ribbing. I'm sure someone else does this, but it's the first example I've seen. With multiple layers included in the set, Xia was able to use a bit of ingenuity. (Go Girl!) She topped the sweater with one of her jeckalicious Nightwalk jackets from last year. The girl won all the colors but blue I think. I just took a quick trip to the shop and they are still in the lucky chairs. So if you weren't around during the week long watch of last winter (?), you might want to take a trip over. You can of course buy these too. They come with three lengths in the set and many armband options.

She also added some WoE jeans and belt and managed to get both the WoE belt and the jacket belt on at the same time. Woot!. Lots of layers and more authenticity than I usually manage. With boots from Lazy Places , she is set for Fall and it won't be long until it arrives.

The dress without any accoutrements is attractive in itself. The stripes are drawn with a freer hand then the norm and somehow this give more authenticity to the complete look. Worth watching the board for a bit? I would think so. This may be available in other colors in the shop, so a little detective work may be in order. Socks from LIKKA*HOUSE are most likely NLA.

New hair is always fun and this great style called Adena is free from Amacci. The large fatpack of colors is on the wall with a bow :D.


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