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Waves of Goodies

Xia was up early (or maybe to bed late :D) as she arrived on my doorstep with newness. She'd been over to a store called Wave after reading a glowing report from Beanie, Queen of digging up new spots to explore. Xia was in the Wave camp for sure and started showing me some of the great free items she had picked up. They were definitely fun and original with many bright colors in the mix. I TPed over to the store and found a creative cornucopia with lots of gifts and plenty of items that won't break the bank linden wise.

Her outfit above includes jeans, bra top (both gold and orange come in one pack) and a bright quilted rocker jacket. There are other colors of both jackets and jeans. Honestly there is just lots there.

click for larger photos

Here is a sampling of the items she picked up. All were free except for the pink pants ($1). There are plenty of unisex type items too, so guys can enjoy. This link goes to the freebie area but you can walk down the difficult to see ramp to get to the rest of the store. There are a few dollarbies on the main level as well as lots of other fun things to buy.

Her tattoo is FG Underground's new Subscribo gift. Just join that Hippo group and it gets delivered to you as a gift. There are small tattoos on the tummy and buttock in the underpants layer.


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