Midnight Rouge

Blues and blacks mingle with touches of bright glow.  The water moves quietly in the fog. This is the Rouge Forest.

On a good day it all comes together.

Some skins arrived the other day. You may have noticed that I no longer do the See Me In All The Versions Of This New Skin posts *wink*. Not my thing. These came with a short note and I honestly wasn't expecting all that much ....

Still, as a good little blogger I tried them on and was impressed with two out of three. Softly drawn with lovely details and great ears, I of course wanted to share with you. Showing some skin was of course appropriate and I had just the outfit, a rez day gift from Chandra Meehan, a huge !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *BLACK*  outfit. This was my favorite look from the set -- at least for today. It comes with so many options including a couple of mini tutus and a great feathery collar that is sure to spice up a variety of outfits. I'm partial to tiny top hats and veils, so that became my outfit of the morn.

I was going to shoot in the studio as I have a photo of the forest. Still, backdrops are just that and so I zipped over to the forest, patting myself on the back for not being lazy. Perusing my object folder, I found some new group gift (SOM) poses from Striking Poses. There was even one with hands covering breasts (yeah), but since I was in a PG sim, I kept my pasties on :D. 

Back in the studio, I took this photo in natural light. This is Muna-Pure from SerGG. Now I did some homework on this skin including going to the shops listed. I am featuring this in good faith. There are some gorgeous things in the main shop including some fantastic shoes that I haven't seen on the feeds. The shop itself doesn't measure up to the quality of the items. You can see where I am going with this :D.  No one that I talked to had heard any drama, but the store doesn't appear in search. So I am hoping that it is just a German - English thing :D.   /me is keeping fingers crossed as she hits the "Publish Post" key.

The earrings shown are some that I made yesterday and are not out yet. I'll repost again when they are available. Meanwhile I thought I'd take a photo for the vendor. Busy Bee here.

Style Notes:

Hair: Exile Fastball - eclipse
Skin: SerGG Muna-Pure
Clothing: deviousMind: !dM - Mme Chatouille
Shoes: ORA TREI DESIGNS - Manhattan
Accessories: [Baubles] Midnight Dance earrings - silver - mahogany