The Mesh Project - Full Body Mesh 2

This is post two on this topic. Post ONE is here

There is an update post here.  Read this first though - LOL. It IS a sequence.

Up early yesterday, I took Lani over to The Mesh Project shops. From the traffic number in search, it had been a very busy day there. Indeed there were forty or so avatars at a VERY early hour. So many in fact that when Lani returned to pick up the heels and try a demo head, the huds weren't working. Still, I learned quite a bit more to pass along.

This is an example of the styling hud which shows all the items you are wearing. Pick the height of foot from the menu. Skin color chosen in one  body layer changes all the skin parts (hand, feet, body) but unfortunately takes the body back to wearing underwear, so there is a separate step to get those garments off. Best to choose your body color from the torso icon.

Since body fat needs to be 0 in order to wear you SL default avatar head, Lani would need a mesh head or a permanent collar or scarf  (she found a cute little scarf hiding in her inventory and is set) :D. 

Hands and feet sizes are suggested to be 40 when you change your shape. Lani had to make many more changes to her shape to get it looking like her familiar self; still all very doable. The 40 size didn't work well for her though and somewhere around 60 seemed to fit her body shape.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to the styling hud (and the shopping hud too) but it works quite nicely and seems to be well thought out with room for expansion.

These are the current designers working with The Shops. There is an area to click to learn more, or apply on the website here.

A little addendum here :D.  

I received an automatic update on the dress late today; a nice touch.

On the top of my "needs" for this product is a body with undies only and no bra. I sat down today early (thank goodness) for a meeting. Oh my! LOL

Poses by: aDORKable, Amacci