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Corazon for Superfans

Corazon is an apt and seasonally appropriate name for these items newly out for Superfans at Trompe Loeil.   This is the  Corazon Palm Chair Natural PG which also comes in dark and white versions -- all in the pack. There is a big menu of tropical and retro patterns to change the chair seat and cushions. This was my favorite. 

And this is the Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Bar + Props PG which is larger than this photo suggests and looks like it needs a 12 x 12 meter space.  Neither of these builds are low land impact. We would have probably called them  "primmy" in the good old bad old days.  But they do have very good LODs and this IS an outdoor set -- so fitting.  Even if you run at LOD4 and think that is the setting that "everyone" uses, I can assure you that is not true :D.  So it is very likely that ALL your guests will see this as photographed.    The patio weighs in (not counting chairs) at 54li and the rattan chair at 10li.    

I have used the bar with bar stools often in homes of the past and the good news is that they come separately without doing all that unlinking from the main build.   

So if you have some prims and like being outdoors this may be a perfect bargain for YOU. 

And as an aside -- if you need something even bigger, this Trompe Loeil - Corazon Patio Pool + Fireplace PG was released at the original event at FaMESHed.  Oddly I had been thinking about this build lately but with over six thousand posts and a LOT of Trompe Loeil items in my inventory, finding it was beyond my grasp. So I am very happy to get reacquainted.   This is NOT on the superfans offering.  


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