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I had planned on posting about the new Nutmeg release at ACCESS and indeed that is all below and worth reading. But the BIGGER news is this really lovely set of décor items featuring wicker both in hamper stuffed basket and arty wall accents. Oh my.  Out for the weekend, this is the best deal in a long time -- for ME anyway.  

Personally I am overjoyed as this set has both good LODs and reasonable triangle counts. Textures are still most likely heavy but still of course extremely lovely. Tradeoffs.   

AND the reason the sim was closed yesterday was for a remodel. It is all redone in minimalist mode -- very simple, very modern. I love it. So your old landmarks will take you to the sim OK but HERE is the new central entry point. 

And my previously planned post. 

Possibilities --- always good to contemplate.

I have to be honest here; I am moving toward a -- well let's call it "discomfort" level these days. As a blogger I am apparently not alone as some groups I am a part of are losing members on an almost daily basis. That may not be a BAD thing all in all. Everyone needs to find what they love to do and from what I have seen a lot of the bloggers over the last couple of years (or more) have been mostly in it for "the stuff". So if leaving means that they have enough  "stuff" then it all worked out and yes, time to move on. 

Changes happen all the time and often things we cannot control; I definitely get that. But we ("me") plod on anyway -- and yes I know the grammar is incorrect in the sentence but it seems to fit my mood :D.  

I counted four NEW EVENTS on Seraphim the other day in ONE DAY and if you are paying attention there are plenty of events now that Seraphim doesn't cover (no clue why).  Most of the folks I chat with are way past the saturation point.  I frequently skip looking through many events at Seraphim simply because I no longer care.   And yes, there are items I am truthfully enthusiastic about, but those are rare these days.    

ANYWAY -- this photographers set is over at ACCESS.  I couldn't get in for an up close and personal view OR to see the demo. The Nutmeg sim was closed to visitors so no luck there either. 

What I do know is that it is cute and that there are tons of "pretend" photographers in SL that might want this.  The big display of photos is a draw and the desk is quite nice.  I thought the chair was way overpriced but it is likely you already have something that would go with -- maybe from the weekend sales (yes there is a comment hidden in there).   

The set LOOKS to be low triangle count but again I couldn't tell too much from the cam sim. So do your due diligence if you are willing and check all parameters before you buy.  My best guess is that the photo wall is made with many photo textures on ONE uploaded texture (honestly the smartest way to do this on many levels).  But that means that you cannot add YOUR photos to the fames.  In part I am going by the recent weekend easel board with similar texture changes on photos. 

  I would have also liked to have seen SL "virtual photography" rather than RL shots. But that's me and perhaps others don't care.   

Still here. Still blogging.  May take me awhile to move "into the light" LOL. Working on it.  


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